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Short Hair Pomeranian

Give Special Care to the Coats of Pomeranians :

All the Pomeranian dogs have attractive hairs and can be cut into different styles. Generally the hairs of the Pomeranian are denoted as coat and these dogs have double coats namely topcoat and undercoat. The undercoat is also called as ground hairs and the top coat is also called as guard hairs. The Pomeranian has a different color of coats such as black, orange, white, brown, chocolate, blue, etc. according to a statistic report it has been recognized that there are nineteen colors and five patterns for the Poms. The color of the coat may also change when the puppies grow. The undercoat of the Pomeranian is soft and has a high density. Each hair of this under coat is shorter than the hairs of the top coat.

Undercoat of Pomeranian :

Generally guard hairs are held up by the ground hairs and help the short hair Pomeranian to maintain a warm body temperature during the winter season. These dogs shed the ground hairs during summer and winter season. The shedding of the guard hair can be prevented by the brushing the Pomeranian using a comb or guard hair rake. The combing of short hair Pomeranian keeps the dogs cooler. The short hair Pomeranian has undercoat thicker than the topcoat. The under coat is protected by the top coat. The Pomeranian hairstyles can be made by cutting the coats according to the style which is required. The Pomeranians must be given bath frequently which prevents the shedding of the coats and must use a tearless puppy shampoo and mild conditioner during final rinsing. To apply drier to the Pomeranian coat people can seek for a help to hold the puppy so that the blowing will become easy. The coats of the Pomeranian help in protecting the skin and to maintain normal temperature so that it is necessary to provide special care to protect the coats.

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